Is It Tweak Or Tweek?

Is tweak a Scrabble word?

Yes, tweak is in the scrabble dictionary..

What does Twerking mean?

The dictionary describes twerking as dancing “in a sexually provocative manner, using thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance”. It says the word in its current form has its roots in the early 1990s New Orleans “bounce” music scene, but the exact origin of twerk is uncertain.

What is a tweak on Snapchat?

Unauthorized Third-Party Apps A plugin, or “tweak,” is an add-on that creates additional functionalities not included in the official Snapchat app. If you use them or have them installed on your device, you may have trouble logging in — or your Snapchat account may even get locked.

Is Tweeks a word?

verb – transitive misspelling of tweak. The process needs some tweeking before we go into production.

Is tweak a word?

tweak noun [C] (PULL) a small sudden twist or pull of something: He gave the boy’s nose a tweak.

What is wrong with tweek?

Disability. According to his parents, Tweek suffers from ADD, but from the game “Stick of Truth”, we’ve learned that his parents lace his coffee (and all the coffee they sell) with Meth, which he drinks like water. Whenever they think he needs to calm down, they just give him more coffee.

What does geeking mean?

Geeking is a term used to describe binge crack use—using crack cocaine over and over in a short period of time, at higher and higher doses, to stay high.

Is tweaking a bad word?

Methamphetamine (also known as ice, glass, tina, crank, or speed) is a highly addictive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. … Because of this, meth use can lead to erratic, irrational behavior, known colloquially as tweaking.

Are Tweek and Craig dating?

Despite the breakup of many other canon couples in the twentieth season, Craig and Tweek’s relationship has remained intact. By the events of the Season 21 episode, “Put It Down”, their relationship is revisited and developed further.

What is a tweaker?

2 slang : a person who illicitly uses methamphetamine and especially crystal meth When he got like this, his neighbors would scream at him and threaten to call the cops, but they were tweakers too.—

Is tweek a Scrabble word?

No, tweek is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another word for tweaked?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tweak, like: jerk, adjust, twitch, squeeze, pinch, pluck, pull, tease, twist, fine-tune and pull off.

What does tweaking mean in Chicago?

To act stupid and/or crazy// Chicago // Tweak. (verb) To act stupid and/or crazy.

What is the meaning of tweek?

transitive verb. 1 : to make usually small adjustments in or to tweak the controls especially : fine-tune. 2 : to injure slightly. 3 : to pinch (a person or a body part) lightly or playfully. 4 : to pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist : twitch tweaked a bud from the stem.

How do you spell tweek?

verb (used with object)to pinch and pull with a jerk and twist: to tweak someone’s ear; to tweak someone’s pull or pinch the nose of, especially gently: He tweaked the baby on make a minor adjustment to: to tweak a computer program.

What does tweak mean in slang?

(intransitive, US, slang) To abuse methamphetamines, especially crystal meth. verb. 1. 0. (intransitive, US, slang) To exhibit symptoms of methamphetamine abuse, such as extreme nervousness, compulsiveness, erratic motion, excitability; possibly a blend of twitch and freak.