Question: Is Nervy A Scrabble Word?

Is nerved a Scrabble word?

Yes, nerved is in the scrabble dictionary..

Is Amock a Scrabble word?

No, amock is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does amok mean?

state of murderous frenzyamok in British English (əˈmʌk , əˈmɒk ) or amuck (əˈmʌk ) 1. a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays.

Is nerved a word?

nerved adj. (botany, often in combination) Having one or more principal veins, especially of a leaf. nerved adj. (in combination) Having nerves or disposition of a specified kind.

What is amok disorder?

Amok: A syndrome first reported in the Malay people, usually male, consisting of a period of brooding followed by a sudden outburst of indiscriminate murderous frenzy, sometimes provoked by an insult, jealousy or sense of desperation. The person who runs amok may also die in a form of murder-suicide.

What does amok amok amok mean?

The word amok is from Malay amuk, “attacking furiously.” The expression as we use it now usually means “to run about in a wild manner,” As a noun, amok can mean “a murderous frenzy.” … A web search shows plenty of examples of both amok and amuck.

Is it amok or amuck?

While amuck and amok share a common origin, amuck has fallen out of favor. Today, amok is considered the standard spelling of this word.

Is Jex Scrabble word?

JEX is not a valid scrabble word.