Question: Is Undertaking A Verb?

What is a synonym for undertaking?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for undertaking.

emprise, enterprise, initiative..

What does an undertaking mean?

An undertaking is a means by which you promise to do something, but it is a legally binding promise and there are consequences in the event that you break it.

What’s the meaning of endeavor?

1 : to attempt (something, such as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort endeavors to finish the race. 2 archaic : to strive to achieve or reach. intransitive verb. : to work with set purpose.

Is undertaken in a sentence?

1. A group of enthusiasts have undertaken the reconstruction of a steam locomotive. 2. The research initiative is being undertaken by a group of environmentalists.

What is another word for did?

What is another word for did?completedfinisheddisappearedvanishedended upput a lid onadjournedpetered outcome to a haltrun out198 more rows

Is undertake a verb?

undertake verb [T] (DO) to do or begin to do something, especially something that will take a long time or be difficult: Students are required to undertake simple experiments.

How do you use the word undertaking?

Examples of undertaking in a Sentence The restoration of the old theater is a huge undertaking. He advised us against such a risky undertaking. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘undertaking.

What does undertaking mean in law?

In a finance or property law context, in some cases, an agreement or promise to do or provide something, or to refrain from doing or providing something, which is meant to be binding on the party giving the undertaking.

What is undertaking a vehicle?

Undertaking is the act of passing a slower-moving vehicle on the left hand side or an inside lane, depending on the type of road you are travelling on. As you’re supposed to overtake on the right, an undertake carries a significantly higher risk to both pedestrians and unsuspecting drivers.

What part of speech is undertake?

verbUNDERTAKE (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is an undertaking legally binding?

An undertaking is a promise to the Court. An undertaking to the Court is as binding as an Order of the Court. For example, where a person gives an undertaking that they will take a certain action, the Court will require that person to take that action as if the Court itself had ordered the person to take the action.

Who can give an undertaking?

Undertakings are given on behalf of the firm and not an individual. You should only give an undertaking if you are duly authorised by your firm to do so. If you are so authorised, you must ensure you comply with any procedures your firm has in relation to undertakings.

What is a antonym for undertaking?

noun. ( ˈʌndɝˌteɪkɪŋ) Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted. Antonyms. stay in place best worst inactivity unfasten inelasticity stand still. Synonyms.

Do synonyms English?

other words for doaccomplish.complete.conclude.end.execute.move.perform.prepare.

Is undertake a noun?

The business of an undertaker, or the management of funerals. That which is undertaken; any business, work, or project which a person engages in, or attempts to perform; an enterprise. … The act of one who undertakes, or engages in, any project or business.

Is undertake one word?

verb (used with object), un·der·took [uhn-der-took], un·der·tak·en, un·der·tak·ing. to take upon oneself, as a task, performance, etc.; attempt: She undertook the job of answering all the mail.