Question: What Do You Mean By Stunned?

What is the difference between beautiful and stunning?

As adjectives the difference between beautiful and stunning is that beautiful is attractive and possessing charm while stunning is having an effect that stuns..

What is the definition of electric shock?

Definitions of electric shock. noun. trauma caused by the passage of electric current through the body (as from contact with high voltage lines or being struck by lightning); usually involves burns and abnormal heart rhythm and unconsciousness.

What to say when you are shocked?

Synonymsfunnily enough. phrase. used for saying that you think something is surprising or don’t say. phrase. … heavens above. phrase. … Well, I never (did) phrase. … is that a fact? phrase. … you would not believe. phrase. … of all things/people/places. phrase. … now I’ve seen everything/it all. phrase.More items…

What is another word for Shocked?

Find another word for shocked. In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shocked, like: startled, astounded, appalled, astonished, aghast, dismayed, amazed, troubled, offended, stupefied and upset.

What is the sentence of panicked?

The more she thought about him, the more panicked she felt. Lydia croaked in a panicked whisper. Immobilized, she waited with panicked dread for an attack like Sasha’s. When she reached the top of the stairs, Sarah panicked , seeing Jackson alone and in a fit of rage.

Is stunned positive or negative?

The expression ”be stunned” means ”to be shocked; filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock”. And it is not only used in a negative context – this expression may be used either in a positive or negative context.

Is stunning a compliment?

Stunning. Stunning is an adjective that means capable of causing surprise, confusion, or a loss of consciousness. When applied to a person, it can mean striking beauty. Stunning can be applied to anything excellent, from a goal to a hat.

What does bewildered mean?

: deeply or utterly confused or perplexed I was appalled and was too bewildered to do or say anything.— Bram Stoker He looked at her with a bewildered expression.

What does flabbergasted mean?

: feeling or showing intense shock, surprise, or wonder : utterly astonished Every second person wore a blank flabbergasted expression, having just offered some gratuitous insult to a stranger, or, perhaps, received one.—

What does stun mean in slang?

Scream Toward the Uprising of Non-conformityWhat does STUN stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningSTUNScream Toward the Uprising of Non-conformity (band)

What is the meaning of stunned stunned?

Stunned is defined as a state of being shocked, overwhelmed or rendered immobile. When you are given completely surprising news that you weren’t expecting and that shocks you, this is an example of when you are stunned. noun.

What is the full meaning of stunning?

extremely beautiful or attractiveextremely beautiful or attractive: a stunning dress.

What is the meaning of shocked?

shocked adjective (SURPRISED) surprised or upset because something unexpected and usually unpleasant has happened: After his announcement, there was a shocked silence. [ + to infinitive ] We were shocked to see smoke pouring out of the roof.

How do you express speechless?

10 different ways to say you’re speechlessBefuddled. If you’re befuddled, you’re just clueless. … Discombobulated. You’ve totally fallen apart. … Disconcerted. This is sort of like being thrown off your mark. … Dumbfounded. You are completely stuck. … Dumbstruck. The word dumbstruck is merely a variant of dumbfounded. … Flabbergasted. … Flummoxed. … Nonplussed.More items…•Feb 11, 2017

What’s another word for stunned?

What is another word for stunned?amazedastoundedshockeddumbfoundedflabbergastedstaggeredastonishedawestrickenawestruckdumbstruck72 more rows

What is the sentence of stunned?

The woman was too stunned to resist. Stunned , he was speechless for a long moment. Alex looked stunned as the knife sank into his midsection. That was the end of her stunned calm.

Does stunning mean beautiful?

Remarkably attractive, excellent, etc. Exceptionally beautiful or attractive. That woman is stunning!