Question: What Does Believable Mean?

What does perceptibly mean?

Something perceptible is noticeable, even if just slightly.

A perceptible noise can be heard.

You perceive through your senses, and things that are perceptible can be perceived; you can sense them..

How do you use believable in a sentence?

All the characters were very believable.I find her story hardly believable.This excellent thriller is fast paced and believable.That scenario is entirely believable.This book is full of believable, interesting characters.But I am very much believable, however, you’ll get him to come.More items…•Feb 15, 2017

How do you use believably in a sentence?

believably in a sentenceHe was someone who had believably awakened in a new world.I knew she was someone who could deliver the science believably.Newcomers Mann and Bentley bicker believably, providing some comic relief.And Liam Cunningham believably and touchingly conveys idealized father-daughter love.More items…

What does perceptively mean?

1 : responsive to sensory stimuli : discerning a perceptive eye. 2a : capable of or exhibiting keen perception : observant a perceptive scholar.

What does predictable mean?

1 : capable of being predicted : able to be known, seen, or declared in advance a predictable reaction/outcome a very predictable plot changes occurring at a steady and predictable rate. 2 : behaving in a way that is expected I knew he would say that. He’s so predictable.

What does believable mean in one word?

capable of being believed: capable of being believed especially as within the range of known possibility or probability. Other Words from believable Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about believable.

What does satirizing mean?

: to utter or write satire. transitive verb. : to censure or ridicule by means of satire.

What does condemns mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil usually after weighing evidence and without reservation a policy widely condemned as racist. 2a : to pronounce guilty : convict. b : sentence, doom condemn a prisoner to die.

What does believably mean?

Definitions of believably. adverb. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence. synonyms: credibly, plausibly, probably.

What does speedily mean?

Characterized by rapid motionspeed·i·er, speed·i·est. 1. Characterized by rapid motion; swift. 2. Accomplished or arrived at without delay; prompt.

What makes something believable?

If something’s believable, it’s not too outlandish to believe — it makes sense that it’s true. A believable explanation for why you’re late to work might be a flat tire or a broken alarm clock. Believable stories are convincing, and believable excuses are credible.