Question: What Is A Antonym For Undertaking?

What is a antonym for declaration?


augmentation diminution irresoluteness indecision indecisiveness..

Why is undertaking dangerous?

Some drivers may find it tempting to undertake, especially if they’re faced with a middle-lane hogger, but be aware that it can be dangerous and you can be fined for doing so. Undertaking recklessly could see you receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for careless driving or driving without due care and attention.

How do you use the word undertaking?

She discouraged me from undertaking the work.Starting a new business can be a risky undertaking.Organizing the show has been a massive undertaking.Making the house habitable was a major undertaking.She gave a solemn undertaking to respect their decision. … He was entrapped into undertaking the work.More items…•Sep 17, 2016

What undertaking means?

1a : the act of one who undertakes or engages in a project or business. b : the business of an undertaker. 2 : something undertaken : enterprise. 3 : pledge, guarantee.

Who can give an undertaking?

Undertakings are given on behalf of the firm and not an individual. You should only give an undertaking if you are duly authorised by your firm to do so. If you are so authorised, you must ensure you comply with any procedures your firm has in relation to undertakings.

What’s the meaning of endeavor?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to attempt (something, such as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort endeavors to finish the race. 2 archaic : to strive to achieve or reach.

What overshadow means?

: to cause (something or someone) to seem less important or impressive when compared to something or someone else. : to make (something) less enjoyable because of sadness, fear, or worry. : to cast a shadow over (something)

How do you use the word undertake?

English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word “Undertake” in Example Sentences Page 1[S] [T] Did he undertake the mission? ( … [S] [T] She has undertaken too much work. ( … [S] [T] He undertook a great deal of work. ( … [S] [T] I have a mind to undertake the work. (More items…

What’s the meaning of implement?

transitive verb. 1 : carry out, accomplish especially : to give practical effect to and ensure of actual fulfillment by concrete measures. 2 : to provide instruments or means of expression for.

What is the antonym of undertake?

disagree, backtrack, omit, discourage, unsay, throw over, withdraw, bypass, refrain, refuse, throw away, back off, disown, avoid, turn down, abstain, disavow, abnegate, decline, take back, break, disclaim, cease, reject, throw up, detour, conclude, neglect, stay, forget, pass by, give up, deny, overlook, stop, end, let …

What is the opposite of overtake?

Antonyms: fail of, fall short of, give up, let go, lose, miss, release, restore, throw aside, throw away.

What is a synonym for undertaking?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for undertaking. emprise, enterprise, initiative.

What is undertaking of a company?

The word ‘Undertaking’ has been defined as ‘any business or any work or project which one engages in or attempts as an enterprise analogous to business or trade’. The business or undertaking of the Company must be distinguished from the properties belonging to the company.

What does pronounce mean?

verb (used with object), pro·nounced, pro·nounc·ing. to enunciate or articulate (sounds, words, sentences, etc.). to utter or sound in a particular manner in speaking: He pronounces his words indistinctly. to utter or articulate in the accepted or correct manner: I can’t pronounce this word.

What’s another word for declaration?

What is another word for declaration?announcementmanifestoproclamationedictpronouncementbulletinpronunciamentostatementcommunicationdecree88 more rows

What means undertake?

(tr) to contract to or commit oneself to (something) or (to do something)to undertake a job; to undertake to deliver the goods. (tr) to attempt to; agree to start. (tr) to take (someone) in charge.

What is an undertaking in law?

In a finance or property law context, in some cases, an agreement or promise to do or provide something, or to refrain from doing or providing something, which is meant to be binding on the party giving the undertaking.

What is a major undertaking?

a job, task, or piece of work that someone has decided or agreed to do: a big/enormous/major undertaking This is an enormous and most ambitious undertaking.

What is another word for declared?

Some common synonyms of declare are announce, proclaim, and promulgate. While all these words mean “to make known publicly,” declare implies explicitness and usually formality in making known.

What does outdistance mean?

transitive verb. : to go far ahead of (as in a race) : outstrip.