Question: What Is Another Name For Line?

What’s another word for in line?

What is another word for in line?in accordancein compliancein conformityin keepingin step.

What is another name for a line segment?

More generally, when both of the segment’s end points are vertices of a polygon or polyhedron, the line segment is either an edge (of that polygon or polyhedron) if they are adjacent vertices, or a diagonal. When the end points both lie on a curve (such as a circle), a line segment is called a chord (of that curve).

What is another name for a bar line?

music endAnother term for the bar line denoting the end of a piece of music is music end.

What is the meaning of in line with?

: in agreement with The new policy is in line with the plans that were discussed last year.

Which point is on both lines?

Step-by-step explanation: Point D is on both lines because that is where the lines intersect.

What does something along those lines mean?

something like thatThis phrase means “something like that”. I think you’d be good as a fitness instructor or something along those lines. This phrase is just a little more intellectual-sounding than “something like that”. …

What is a similar line?

Comparable to something else. I really liked the cake we had at your birthday party. I want to get something along similar lines for mine.

What commensurate means?

1 : corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree : proportionate was given a job commensurate with her abilities.

What is the meaning of a line segment?

So, a line segment is a piece or part of a line having two endpoints. Unlike a line, a line segment has a definite length.

What does in the same vein mean?

In the same vein is the firmly established phrase, but it has become conflated with the expression along the same line to form along the same vein. … Literally, in means being inside; metaphorically, in the same vein means being intrinsically the same.