Question: What Is Another Word For Scorn?

What is another way to say looked down upon?

What is another word for looked down upon?contemneddisdainedlooked down onscoffed attreated with contemptthumbed nose atlooked down one’s nose atput downrejecteddisparaged157 more rows.

What is the antonym for scorn?

What is the opposite of scorn?respectadmireacceptesteemreveretoleratevenerateworshipallowapprove51 more rows

What does Scron mean?

open dislike and disrespect1 : open dislike and disrespect or mockery often mixed with indignation. 2 : an expression of contempt or derision. 3 : an object of extreme disdain, contempt, or derision : something contemptible.

What’s the best synonym for contempt?


What does the Bible say about a woman scorned?

The phrase is “heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury as a woman scorned”. It is from a play by William Congreve called The Mourning Bride. It is not biblical.

What does reproachfully mean?

adjective. full of or expressing reproach or censure: a reproachful look. … deserving reproach; shameful.

What is another word for complementary?

Complementary Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for complementary?matchingcorrespondingmatchedcomplementingcompanionsupportiveinterrelatedsupportingpairedinterdependent77 more rows

What is complementary mean?

: completing something else or making it better : serving as a complement. —used of two things when each adds something to the other or helps to make the other better.

Who is a Scorner person?

Noun. 1. scorner – a person who expresses contempt by remarks or facial expression. sneerer. disagreeable person, unpleasant person – a person who is not pleasant or agreeable.

What is scornful abuse?

Scornful is a synonym for abusive in disdainful topic. In some cases you can use “Scornful” instead an adjective “Abusive”. Nearby Words: abuse, abused, abusing, abusively. Synonyms for Abusive.

What’s a word for looking down on someone?

condescendingIf you are being condescending, you are looking down on someone.

What is the synonym for scorn?

Some common synonyms of scorn are contemn, despise, and disdain. While all these words mean “to regard as unworthy of one’s notice or consideration,” scorn implies a ready or indignant contempt.

What does scornful mean mean?

: feeling or showing disgust and anger. Other Words from scornful. scornfully \ -​fə-​lē \ adverb. More from Merriam-Webster on scornful. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for scornful.

Does scornful mean inconsiderate?

full of scorn; derisive; contemptuous: He smiled in a scornful way.

What is the difference between scorn and contempt?

Hi Alex, Scorn has undertones of anger and outrage. Examples: The students felt scorn toward the cruel school bullies. The people felt scorn towards the evils committed by their government. Contempt has undertones of condescension (looking down on someone/something) and disparagement.

How do you use scorn?

(1) He felt scorn for his working-class parents. (2) The artist looked at her with scorn. (3) She reserved her most withering scorn for journalists. (4) He looked at me with scorn.

What is the slang term for a dangerous spurned woman?

meaning and origin of the term ‘bunny boiler’ The term bunny boiler designates a jealous or obsessive person, originally a woman, whose behaviour in pursuit of a former or intended partner is considered desperate or dangerous.

What is an example of complementary?

A Complementary good is a product or service that adds value to another. In other words, they are two goods that the consumer uses together. For example, cereal and milk, or a DVD and a DVD player. On occasion, the complementary good is absolutely necessary, as is the case with petrol and a car.

How do you use the word complementary?

Complementary sentence exampleThey show complementary products to the one you are considering. … This section shows not complementary products but, essentially, competitive products. … The two components of double stars often exhibit complementary colours. … Subtraction by counting forward is called complementary addition.More items…

What is the definition of a scorned woman?

Idioms. hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned) used to refer to someone, usually a woman, who has reacted very angrily to something, especially the fact that her husband or lover has been unfaithful See scorn in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

What is a scornful smile?

a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls. a contemptuous or scornful remark.