Question: What Is Where In A Sentence?

What is a example sentence?

What sentence exampleWhat time is it.


181.What is an earthquake.


161.What time are we going to leave tomorrow.


126.What could he do about it but lose more sleep.


108.What was that supposed to mean.


What in the world is this.

What did she eat today.

No one knows what the mother might do.More items….

What is the difference of in and on?

‘In’ implies a preposition, that represents a situation in which something is surrounded by something else. Conversely, ‘on’ is used in the situation when something is in physical contact with the surface of another object.

How do you write 5 sentences?

Write that as the last sentence to sum up what you’ve written….The classic five sentence paragraph uses the following format: Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.Aug 22, 2017

Where is used in a sentence?

Where sentence example. Was that where his father got all that money? ” Where are you?” he asked. I’ll show you where you can sleep.

What is sentence give me 5 examples?

Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late. Mary and Samantha took the bus.

What word is where?

noun. a place; that place in which something is located or occurs: the wheres and hows of job hunting.

What is an example of definition?

In modern usage, a definition is something, typically expressed in words, that attaches a meaning to a word or group of words. … For example, in the definition “An elephant is a large gray animal native to Asia and Africa”, the word “elephant” is the definiendum, and everything after the word “is” is the definiens.

What are the 5 sentences?

5 sentences:My mom taught me to finish everything on my plate at dinner.The only problem with a pencil, is that they do not stay sharp long enough.Our school building is made of bricks.Every night I get woken up by the sound of a barking dog across the street.Salad is for rabbits.Jan 26, 2016

What is an example of a request sentence?

Simple Sentences used for Request : Do you think you could lend me some money? I wonder whether you could give me a car. I am sorry to trouble you but I need your help. I hope you don’t mind if l asked the money.

How do you use relative location in a sentence?

relative location in a sentenceTheir relative locations on the enzyme can be compared in Figure 2.Eventually the star will return to its same relative location at sunrise.:Probably the same effects on most sectors placed in similar relative locations.The factions were often named after relative location of its leader’s house.More items…

Where and were used in a sentence?

Were is a verb that’s the second person singular past, plural past, and past subjunctive of the verb “be.” For instance, “I was out last night,” becomes, “you were out last night,” or “they were out last night.” Also, “were” is pronounced different than “where” and “wear,” except when it’s used in the word “werewolf,” …

How do you write location in a sentence?

good sentence like quote, proverb…)…The company has transferred to an eastern location.The film was shot on location in France.It is a suitable location for a new school.We first met location, it was named: miss.His apartment is in a really good location. … The bunker’s precise location is a closely guarded secret.More items…•Jul 16, 2016

Why do we use where?

We use where as a conjunction meaning ‘in the place that’ or ‘in situations that’. The clause with where is a subordinate clause and needs a main clause to complete its meaning. If the where clause comes before the main clause, we use a comma: Where you find a lot of water, you will also find these beautiful insects.

Are meaning in English?

The definition of are is a plural, present tense conjugation of the verb be. An example of usage of the word “are” is to change the following phrase to present tense: “We will be warm.” verb.

What are the 7 types of sentences?

The other way is based on a sentence’s structure (simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex).Statements/Declarative Sentences. These are the most common type of sentence. … Questions/Interrogative Sentences. … Exclamations/Exclamatory Sentences. … Commands/Imperative Sentences.

What are three sentences?

Three essential types of sentence are declarative sentences (which are statements), interrogative sentences (which are questions), and imperative sentences (which are orders). Join us as we give examples of each!

What are sentences 10 examples?

50 examples of simple sentencesShe doesn’t study German on Monday.Does she live in Paris?He doesn’t teach math.Cats hate water.Every child likes an ice cream.6.My brother takes out the trash.The course starts next Sunday.She swims every morning.More items…

How do you use the word movement in a sentence?

Movement sentence exampleShe started to put the pillow down and caught the movement in the mirror from the corner of her eye. … A movement from the balcony caught her attention. … Mesmerized by its movement , she watched as it disappeared into the clouds. … A movement behind caught her attention and she stopped.More items…

What means where?

a place; that place in which something is located or occurs. the wheres and hows of job hunting.

What is the example of location?

The definition of a location is the place where something is or where something is occurring. An example of location is the train station.