Question: Why Does Margot Refuse To Shower In The School Shower Rooms?

What does Margot symbolize in all summer in a day?

In “All Summer in a Day,” Margot symbolizes those in society who are different and become outcasts because of their differences..

Who is the antagonist in all summer in a day?

The Antagonist: William William is the main bully, the character who might be said to embody the feelings of the rest of the children and the one who goads them on.

Why is Venus upside down?

Venus also orbits the Sun anti-clockwise, but its unusual axis rotation is due to being upside down – it was knocked off its upright position earlier in its history! Astronomers believe that at some point, a colliding celestial body tilted Venus so far off its original position that it is now upside down.

Why does Margot react so strongly to the shower?

Why does she react so strongly to the shower? … The shower gets such a strong reaction from Margot, because it reminds her of reality and she is not happy about it. The shower is like the rainstorm outside, so she doesn’t want to remember that she is on Venus. She wants the bright warm sun on her face instead.

What is the moral of the story all summer in a day?

Herein, what is the moral of the story all summer in a day? The theme of All Summer in a Day is that human nature drives people to be cruel to those who are different and inspire jealousy.

How do children feel when they realize what they did to Margot?

The kids feel bad for Margot, because of what they did. After seeing the sun, they realize what a great opportunity they had just taken away from her. This is the point in the story where they realize that they had left Margot in the closet.

What do the children do to Margot in all summer in a day?

It is what causes all of the conflice in the story. The other children lock Margot in the closet and force her to miss the 1 hour of sun. How do you think the conflict will be resolved at the end of the story? After it starts to rain again the children remember that they have locked Margot in the closet.

What happens to Margot while the teacher is out of the classroom?

The children then proceed to shove Margot into a closet and lock her inside. The sun ends up coming out for an hour, and Margot misses out because she is locked in the closet.

What does Margot remember and others do not why?

Answer: Margot was sad because she did not like the rain and she remembered the warmth and brightness of the sun on Earth where it could be seen every day.

Why is Margot so unhappy on Venus?

Margot is unhappy on Venus because she came from Earth and misses the sun. The story takes place on Venus, a planet where it rains almost all of the time. … She doesn’t play their games, and they are jealous of her for having recently been to Earth and for having the chance to go back.

What was Margot’s biggest crime?

Margot’s “biggest crime” was that— A she had come to Venus only five years before and remembered the sun.

Did Margot die in all summer in a day?

In “All Summer in a Day,” there is no evidence that Margot has died. Margot does become still and silent in the closet, as Bradbury writes…