Quick Answer: Is It Seating Area Or Sitting Area?

Where are you seating or sitting?

Sitting is a verb that means “resting in a seated position, located or situated upon.” Seating can be used as a noun that refers to “the act of placing people in seats or all the seats in a theater or auditorium.” It can also be used as a verb to mean “causing to sit down or esccorting a person to their seat.”.

What is the difference between seat and sit?

The difference between Seat and Sit. When used as nouns, seat means a place in which to sit, whereas sit means an event, usually lasting one full day or more, where the primary goal is to sit in meditation. … A piece of furniture made for sitting; e.g. a chair, stool or bench; any improvised place for sitting.

Is it one sitting or one setting?

COMMON If you do something at one sitting or in one sitting, you do not stop doing it until you have finished it. He sometimes reads a whole novel at one sitting. She can go through a whole box of cookies in one sitting.

What is the meaning of first sitting?

A first sitting is the first period when a meal is served if there is not enough space for everyone to eat at the same time. You can have the first sitting of dinner at 6:30 or the second sitting after 8:30. … They chose the first sitting time for their evening meal, so that it left the rest of the evening free.

What’s the meaning of sitting?

noun. the act of a person or thing that sits. a period of remaining seated, as in posing for a portrait or reading a book. the space on or in which one sits, as in a church. a brooding, as of a hen upon eggs; incubation.

What is a seating area?

1. seating area – an area that includes places where several people can sit; “there is seating for 40 students in this classroom”

What is meant by one sitting degree?

If by any reason candidate has not completed graduation or post graduation degree and facing difficulties in getting job or appraisal in current job or promotion in their career, so they can complete the Master or Bachelor Degree in One Year by giving Single Sitting Examination of all years/semesters through distance …

What is the meaning of at one go?

chiefly British. : in one attempt : without stopping He managed to finish the work in/at one go.

Where do you sit in the classroom?

The lines of the v meet at the back center seat of the classroom. If you sit outside the V you are less likely to be as attentive or as involved and thus you may not be the best student you are capable of being. The best place to sit is near the front center of the room.

Is Sitted correct?

There isn’t such a word as “sitted”. … The correct word to use in the first sentence would be “seated” instead of “sitted”. That way the sentence is grammatically correct.

What does sitting for an exam mean?

To take an examination in a formal setting or situation. You will have all your personal belongings inspected before you sit for the exam to ensure that no one is able to cheat. It was only when I sat for my final exam that I realized I had left my calculator at home.