Quick Answer: Is Markee A Word?

What is a marquee person?

A marquee is the roof-like overhang at the doorway of a hotel or theater, often holding a sign.

Marquee can also describe a person with a starring role, almost always preceding the word player, like when you describe the most well-known member of your local mime troupe as your “marquee player.”.

What is the female version of Marquis?

MarchionessMarchioness is pronounced \MAHR-shuh-nus\ and means “the wife or widow of a marquess” or “a woman who holds the rank of a marquess in her own right.”

What does moisturizing mean?

moisturize Add to list Share. To moisturize is to add moisture to something or make it less dry. The purpose of hand lotion is to moisturize your dry hands. … If your skin’s dry, oil or cream will bring some moisture and softness back to it.

What is a marquee company?

A marquee asset–also referred to as a “flagship asset” or “crown jewel”–is a company’s most prized possession. … A company with a coveted marquee asset may become a target for a bigger rival, or a rival with deep pockets, even if the other assets in the company’s portfolio do not amount to much.

Is Moisturization a word?

The act or process of moisturizing.

What does nonconformity mean?

failure or refusal to behave: failure or refusal to behave the way most people behave : failure or refusal to conform. See the full definition for nonconformity in the English Language Learners Dictionary. nonconformity. noun. non·​con·​for·​mi·​ty | \ ˌnän-kən-ˈfȯr-mə-tē \

What does marquee mean in HTML?

The marquee tag is a non-standard HTML element which causes text to scroll up, down, left or right automatically. … The W3C advises against its use in HTML documents.

What does reticent mean?

1 : inclined to be silent or uncommunicative in speech : reserved. 2 : restrained in expression, presentation, or appearance the room has an aspect of reticent dignity— A. N. Whitehead. 3 : reluctant.

How do you spell Moisturization?

mois•tur•iz•er n. a cream or lotion for the skin used to help restore or retain moisture.

What is the plural of Marquis?

plural marquesses or marquises\ ˈmär-​kwə-​səz \ or marquis\ mär-​ˈkē(z) \

How do you spell marquee sign?

A marquee is most commonly a structure placed over the entrance to a hotel, theatre, casino, train station, or similar building. It often has signage stating either the name of the establishment or, in the case of theatres, the play or movie and the artist(s) appearing at that venue.

What is another word for marquee?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for marquee, like: pavilion, signboard, tent, awning, canopy, barbeque, marquise, clubhouse, bandstand, venue and marquees.

What does Markee mean?

outer flymarkee. An outer fly, or roof-cloth of a tent; also, a large field-tent.

What does marque mean in English?

make of a product: a brand or make of a product (such as a sports car)

Is a marquess royalty?

Marquess is a rank of nobility in the peerages of the United Kingdom. Unlike the position on the continent of Europe, in the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Ireland, and later in Great Britain and the United Kingdom, the monarch is the only one capable of awarding titles of nobility.

What is a marquee event?

A marquee is a large tent which is used at a fair, garden party, or other outdoor event, usually for eating and drinking in. You may also like. English Quiz. Confusables. Language Lover’s.