Quick Answer: Is Mystic Gohan Stronger Than SSB?

Is Ultimate Gohan stronger than SSB?

In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan becomes extraordinarily more strong than he was in the Buu Saga by training with Piccolo, to where he is potentially on the same level as SSB Goku.

But this is because Gohan got stronger, and has the most potential of them all, according to Vegeta..

Is Gohan the most powerful Saiyan?

Gohan. Gohan had the potential to surpass his father, seeing how he was able to go Super Saiyan 2 before Goku could, but he let his mother’s influence get the best of him. … He still remains one of the most powerful Saiyans of all time however.

What is Vegeta’s strongest form?

Vegeta’s Super Saiyan form is much more powerful than it was 7 years ago during the Cell Games. Vegeta has also learned to master this form without using any energy like Gohan & Goku did during their fight with Cell.

Can Gohan beat Frieza?

So Frieza is stronger, Gohan still has the potential to defeat him though. … Goku at Super Saiyan 2 was keeping up with Ultimate Gohan to where Ultimate Gohan currently is most likely at current Super Saiyan 3 Goku/Super Saiyan 2 Trunks with Sword level.

Can Mystic Gohan get stronger?

Mystic unlocks his regular ki potential at the time it was done. Saiyans can get infinitely stronger through training so Gohan can get stronger. … Gohan had a huge amount of latent power that he couldn’t naturally tap into no matter how much he trained.

Why did DBZ ruin Gohan?

Pretty sure Toriyama wanted Gohan to become the new main character, but the fans wanted Goku to be the one who beats Buu. It is what it is. “Toriyama added that he wanted Gohan to replace his father as the new hero of the series, however, it did not work well with the fans.”

Why is Gohan so weak now?

I agree that Gohan(Mystic) has definitely become weaker after Buu saga. This is a consequence of Gohan neglecting his training and pursuing on becoming a professor. … Remember, after Frieza was defeated, Gohan asked Picollo to help him train again, in order to gain the power to protect his family.

Can Gohan go ssj3?

There’s no way. Gohan cannot go Super Saiyan after getting Mystic/Ultimate form (though it’s not even really a form as much as a full power). First things first, Elder Kai tells Gohan nothing more than to go Super Saiyan, when Gohan attempts to go Super Saiyan with no further instruction, Super Saiyan doesn’t happen.

Why are the future androids weaker?

In the Cell and Trunks timelines: Androids 17 and 18 are weaker because the Z Fighters didn’t prepare for the upcoming Android threat, thus setting the bar for killing Goku much lower. Also, Goku is dead due to the heart virus. Android 16 is either scrapped, or never finished by the time Gero is killed by Future 17.

Who is stronger Android 17 or Gohan?

Considering that Piccolo observed the performances of both fighters in the Tournament of Power, this serves as confirmation that Gohan is indeed stronger than Android 17. Since Dragon Ball Super turned Android 17 into a force to be reckoned with again, the comparison to Gohan has been a subject of debate for fans.

Is Mystic Gohan stronger than Vegeta?

At this point, Vegeta is stronger than any Super Saiyan 2. However, Gohan catches up with his Mystic Transformation. It is said that Mystic Gohan’s power level is bigger than that of a Super Saiyan 3. … In other words, Gohan at this point, had surpassed Majin Vegeta yet again.

Who is the weakest Saiyan?

8 Weakest: Turles. … 7 Strongest: Goku Black. … 6 Weakest: Gine. … 5 Strongest: Future Trunks. … 4 Weakest: Fasha. … 3 Strongest: Gohan. … 2 Weakest: King Vegeta. … 1 Strongest: Kale. Kale is a female Saiyan who hails from Universe 6 and also a Legendary Super Saiyan.More items…•

What is Goku’s strongest form?

Dragon Ball Super has given Goku ludicrous amounts of power that dwarf techniques such as Kaioken and Super Saiyan 3, with Son learning the likes of Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct during the latest chapter of Akira Toriyama’s franchise, but fans have managed to create a tongue twisting state that easily is the Z …

Did Gohan lose his mystic powers?

In Battle of Gods Gohan still has his mystic form, yet in Fukkatsu no F and in Dragon Ball Super he lost it.

Can Vegeta go ssj3?

First of all, it should be noted that Vegeta couldn’t go Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Z. He simply didn’t have the physical capabilities at the time, as Super Saiyan 2 was the extent of his power. However, Vegeta was powerful enough to use it through the entirety of Dragon Ball Super.

How old is Goku in Super?

Goku in Dragon Ball Super The entirety of Dragon Ball Super takes place within the 10-year time jump between Majin Buu’s defeat at the end of Dragon Ball Z and its subsequent epilogue. Super starts approximately four years into the time jump, making Goku physically 31 but psychologically 38.

Is Mystic Gohan stronger than SSJ blue?

Depicted as being equal in power to Super Saiyan Blue in the anime, the manga makes the form even stronger, with Gohan in his Ultimate form able to defeat the powerful Kefla in her Legendary Super Saiyan form, a feat narrowly accomplished in the anime by Goku, who was barely able to knock the fused warrior out of the …

Why can’t Mystic Gohan go SSJ?

When Kefla asks why he doesn’t transform, Gohan confirms that not going Super Saiyan is actually a choice. … Having his potential unlocked by Grand Kai meant that he gained access to “all” his power, so going Super Saiyan wouldn’t do anything for him while in his Ultimate form.

Is Goku a God?

As a God and the most powerful being in the universe, Goku can endure powerful god-like techniques.

Is Gohan stronger than Broly?

Yes, by leaps and bounds. While Broly is definitely strong, he’s not THAT STRONG. It was seen when during the first Broly movie, Goku with little energy from a tired Gohan,Vegeta,Trunks and Piccolo,managed to beat Broly. … SO MYSTIC GOHAN IS STRONGER.

Why does ss3 have no eyebrows?

The out of universe reason is because Toriyama thought it looked cool or it was easier to draw. … Apparently SSJ3 was coined up because someone did a drawing of Radditz and Piccolo Fused, Hence no eyebrows.