Quick Answer: What Do You Call A Serious Face?

How do you describe a happy face?

How to Describe a Beautiful, Happy Smileaffectionate – a smile that shows the love a person feels for someone or something.approving – a smile that indicates a person is in favor of something.beaming – the kind of smile that seems to radiate happiness.bright – an energetic smile that shows intelligence.More items….

How do you describe a serious person?

Part of being a serious person means being self-aware and ruminating a lot, which to other people can look like we’re upset or grumpy. You can probably compare it to those with “resting bitch face”. When someone is in a good mood in public, they tend to avoid sources that might bring that bad mood down.

What’s the meaning of grave?

A grave is the place where a body is buried. … Grave is used as an adjective, too. It can describe something serious, or of great importance. If a situation is grave, it is serious and sad, like when a loved one is very sick. Grave can also describe causing fear or anxiety.

What does grievously mean?

1. Causing grief, pain, or anguish: a grievous loss. 2.

What is the opposite of seriously?

Opposite of in a solemn or considered manner. casually. indifferently. lightly.

When a person is serious?

The definition of serious is showing deep thought, not joking, or a situation that requires careful thought. An example of serious is wearing a full suit to a casual dinner; serious attire. An example of serious is a person who doesn’t smile or laugh easily; serious person.

What’s a word for not taking seriously?

facetiousIf a person is being facetious, they’re intentionally being unserious, typically for a humorous effect, or perhaps to tease someone. Facetious is often used as a near-synonym of sarcastic, in the sense that someone who’s being facetious should not be taken literally or seriously.

How do you describe a worried face?

A worried person might not only furrow his brow, but could also wring his hands, pace, and speak differently. It’s awesome you’re hesitant to express emotions the same way over and over, but if your work has that much subtle expression going on don’t forget what’s below the face.

What do you call someone who is very serious?

1 grave, humourless, long-faced, pensive, sedate, sober, solemn, stern, thoughtful, unsmiling. 2 deliberate, determined, earnest, genuine, honest, in earnest, resolute, resolved, sincere.

What does a worried face look like?

Worried Face emoji is a smiley with open 👀 Eyes, slightly 😔 Sad open or closed (depending on emoji provider) 👄 Mouth, and in some cases with raised eyebrows — all this is intended to convey the feeling of anxiety or worry. Worried Face emoji similar to 😞 Disappointed Face emoji.

What does this emoji mean 😫?

Meaning of 😫 Tired Face Emoji Tired Face emoji is a smiley, which looks tired, frustrated, weary, or exhausted — mentally or physically (the last meaning refers mostly to the Samsung’s version). In most cases, it features frowned 👀 Eyes and 😔 Sad open 👄 Mouth.

What’s another word for seriously?

What is another word for seriously?solemnlyearnestlysedatelysincerelydeterminedlyferventlyintentlypassionatelyvigorouslyzealously111 more rows

Is serious a feeling?

Seriousness is a quality of being calmly intent, or serious. … Sometimes seriousness implies a bit of worry, like when you ask about the seriousness of your grandmother’s health problems. The noun seriousness comes from an adjective, serious, with a Latin root, serius, which means “weighty, important, or grave.”

What is an angry face?

The next time you get really mad, take a look in the mirror. See the lowered brow, the thinned lips and the flared nostrils? That’s what social scientists call the “anger face,” and it appears to be part of our basic biology as humans.

What is the emoji for stress?

grimaceFrom awkwardly misspelt Slack messages to meetings you’re unprepared to lead, and performance reviews you’d rather skip to assignments you should’ve completed yesterday, the grimace emoji allows us to succinctly acknowledge the stress and anxiety we all feel every day—in a low-key way.

What is a synonym for really?

truly, actually, rightfully, real, unfeignedly, sincerely, in truth, very, rattling, genuinely. very, really, real, rattling(adverb) used as intensifiers; `real’ is sometimes used informally for `really’; `rattling’ is informal.

What is a better word for serious?

Some common synonyms of serious are earnest, grave, sedate, sober, solemn, and staid. While all these words mean “not light or frivolous,” serious implies a concern for what really matters.

What do you call a person who doesn’t smile?

0. Unsmiling – An unsmiling person is not smiling, and looks serious or unfriendly.