Quick Answer: What Does Marauding Mean?

What does despoiled mean?

transitive verb.

: to strip of belongings, possessions, or value : pillage..

Is Maraud a verb?

maraud Add to list Share. As a verb maraud means to rove about the countryside looking for goods to steal and in general, to make mayhem and trouble.

What is another word for destroyer?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for destroyer, like: annihilator, bane, destruction, downfall, terrorist, iconoclast, ruination, wrecker, uprooter, apollyon and ruin.

What is indefeasible?

: not capable of being annulled or voided or undone an indefeasible right.

Is it good to be contemplative?

Contemplation calms our mind and spirit. Thus, it can help us relieve worries and stress. … Therefore the practice of contemplation is beneficial to our well-being.

What is the meaning of presage?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : something that foreshadows or portends a future event : omen. 2 : an intuition or feeling of what is going to happen in the future. 3 archaic : prognostication.

What is marauding in football?

what does ‘marauding forward/full-back’ means, does it means the player who wondering around the pitch to find an opportunity to score or give an assist, OR it means ‘the player bully an opponent’.

How do you use Presage in a sentence?

Presage in a Sentence 🔉If the unpopular president is reelected, his win will presage a countrywide protest. … The changing of the terror alert color may presage a possible terrorist attack.More items…

What does marauding mean in the dictionary?

adjective. engaged in raiding for plunder, especially roaming about and ravaging an area: marauding bands of outlaws.

How do you use Maraud in a sentence?

maraud They went in fear of attack by marauding bands. A marauding tiger was often seen prowling around the village. Witnesses reported gangs of marauding soldiers breaking into people’s houses and setting fire to them. Marauding gangs of armed men have been looting food relief supplies.More items…•Jul 29, 2019

How do you use the word perpetuate in a sentence?

Perpetuate sentence exampleNations are possessed with an insane ambition to perpetuate the memory of themselves by the amount of hammered stone they leave. … But there could be little guarantee that later generations would perpetuate the cult. … Again, they perpetuate the traditions of the Achaemenid Empire.More items…

How do you use abomination in a sentence?

Abomination in a Sentence 🔉The marketing team thought the new ad to be an abomination and worked hard to come up with one they didn’t hate. … People outside of the temple did things that the Lord hated, one woman making herself an abomination in his sight.More items…

Is contemplating a good thing?

Regardless of whether a person engages in contemplation while sitting in contemplative prayer or meditation, moving gently as part of a mind-body practice such as yoga or tai chi, or using introspection or reflective techniques as part of their work, evidence from literally thousands of studies conducted over the past …

What does contemplate mean?

the vastness of the universe1 : to view or consider with continued attention : meditate on contemplate the vastness of the universe contemplated the meaning of the poem.

Who is a contemplative person?

Someone who is contemplative thinks deeply, or is thinking in a serious and calm way. Martin is a quiet, contemplative sort of child. Synonyms: thoughtful, reflective, introspective, rapt More Synonyms of contemplative.