Quick Answer: What Does Too Generic Mean?

Are generic phones original?

Generic Android Device means the Android devices which does not any specific brand name or they can not be related to any specific class or brand.

In this case Epic 4g touch can be considered as Generic Android device..

Is Genericize a real word?

To cause to become generic, especially as a product that is sold without a brand name or as a designation for an entire class of products or services. A trademark that was genericized and used to refer to any kind of cola.

Which is the opposite of a generic good answers?

Answer. Generic means relating to or shared by a whole group of similar things; not specific to any particular thing,not having a particular brand name(unbranded). Specific is an an antonym of generic .

What are 2 synonyms for generic?

other words for genericuniversal.blanket.collective.comprehensive.sweeping.all-encompassing.inclusive.wide.

What does it mean when something is generic?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : relating to or characteristic of a whole group or class : general “Romantic comedy” is the generic term for such films. b : not being or having a particular brand name generic drugs. c : having no particularly distinctive quality or application generic restaurants.

What is another word for generic?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for generic, like: universal, structured, particular, general, comprehensive, specific, common, unspecified, branded, exclusive and generic wine.

How do you use generic in a sentence?

Generic in a Sentence 🔉The guards at the gate were rather generic today, being so plain that I can’t even remember what they looked like. … Oreo cookies are generic, each and every one of them looking just like the cookie right next to them in the package.More items…

Is Generic an insult?

It’s definitely slang. The definitions in urbandictionary aren’t really to be trusted, they’re more focussed on insulting ‘townies’ than describing them. (‘Townies’ can also mean people from the town as opposed to university students.

Do generic drugs have patents?

Generic drugs are approved only after a rigorous review by FDA and after a set period of time that the brand product has been on the market exclusively. This is because new drugs, like other new products, are usually protected by patents that prohibit others from making and selling copies of the same drug.

What does generic mean in writing?

You use generic to describe something that refers or relates to a whole class of similar things.

Does generic mean bad?

“Generic” is not equivalent to bad…it’s more so equivalent to mediocre…it’s run of the mill… nothing special, but nothing offensive either. It shouldn’t affect whether or not you personally think it’s good or bad.

What’s the difference between generic and general?

2 Answers. General is the opposite of specific, whereas generic refers to something which has no unique features. To use the book example, a general geography book would be one without a particular focus on one area, while a generic geography book would be the same as every other book out there.

What word is similar to iteration?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for iteration, like: repetition, redundancy, restatement, monotony, looping, loop, emphasis, reiteration, millisecond, vertex and fft.