Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym For Basic Knowledge?

What is the word for basic knowledge?

A superficial or shallow knowledge of a subject.



superficial knowledge.

nodding acquaintance..

What is another word for unit?

What is another word for unit?companysectionforcecontingentcorpscrewdetachmentbattalionbrigadecell170 more rows

What’s the opposite of unit?

What is the opposite of unit?alonenessantagonismdivisionisolationoppositionrivalryseclusionseparationsolitude1 more row

What is the another name of dwelling unit?

In law, a dwelling (also residence, abode) is a self-contained unit of accommodation used by one or more households as a home – such as a house, apartment, mobile home, houseboat, vehicle, or other “substantial” structure.

What are some synonyms for knowledge?


What is a antonym for knowledge?

cognizance, knowingness, awareness, learning, kenEnglish. Antonyms: ignorance. knowledge(noun) Information or intelligence about something; notice.

Is alkaline another word for basic?

An alkali can also be defined as a base that dissolves in water. A solution of a soluble base has a pH greater than 7.0. The adjective alkaline is commonly, and alkalescent less often, used in English as a synonym for basic, especially for bases soluble in water.

What is a synonym for good knowledge?


What are the 4 types of knowledge?

According to Krathwohl (2002), knowledge can be categorized into four types: (1) factual knowledge, (2) conceptual knowledge, (3) procedural knowledge, and (4) metacognitive knowledge.

What does the word Basics mean?

1a : of, relating to, or forming the base or essence : fundamental basic truths. b : concerned with fundamental scientific principles : not applied basic research. 2 : constituting or serving as the basis or starting point a basic set of tools.

What is the opposite word for basic?

Opposite words with basic, english basic opposite words, antonym words related to basic, Opposite of Basic; auxiliary inessential insignificant minor nonessential.

What’s another word for basics?

Synonyms & Antonyms of basicabecedarian,basal,beginning,elemental,elementary,essential,fundamental,introductory,More items…

What is the meaning of unit?

1 : a single thing, person, or group forming part of a whole There are 36 units in my apartment building. 2 : the least whole number : one. 3 : a fixed quantity (as of length, time, or value) used as a standard of measurement An inch is a unit of length.

What is the difference between alkaline and basic?

Alkali is a base. It is a base that dissolves in water. Not all bases are alkali but all alkali is base. It is a basic salt alkali earth metal or alkali metal….Difference between Alkali and BaseBaseAlkaliAll bases are not alkaliAll alkali are basesIt neutralizes acidsIt releases OH- ions, accepts a proton2 more rows

What is the difference between basicity and alkalinity?

Basicity is a measure that directly depends on the pH scale and alkalinity is how much acid is needed to lower the pH into a significant acid value; it is also known as the buffering capacity of a water body.

What is a pH of 10?

Pure water has a neutral pH of 7. pH values lower than 7 are acidic, and pH values higher than 7 are alkaline (basic)….What does it mean for a solution to be acidic or basic (alkaline)?pH ValueH+ Concentration Relative to Pure WaterExample100.001Great Salt Lake, milk of magnesia14 more rows

What is an antonym for basic?

basic(adj) of or denoting or of the nature of or containing a base. Antonyms: last, parenthetic, nonstandard, secondary, acidic, amphiprotic, incidental, peripheral, omissible, incident, parenthetical, amphoteric.