Quick Answer: What Is Instill?

What is mean by instill?

transitive verb.

1 : to impart gradually instilling a love of learning in children.

2 : to cause to enter drop by drop instill medication into the infected eye..

What is another word for instill?

Some common synonyms of instill are implant, inculcate, infix, and inseminate.

Is it instill or instil?

Instil is a spelling variant of the same word. While instill is preferred in American English, instil is preferred in British English, where it has all of the same meanings.

Is re instill a word?

To instill again or anew; to cause a quality to become part of the nature of someone or something again.

Is pivot a synonym or antonym?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pivot, like: change, shift, turn, rotate, move, shaft, veer, whirl, swing, pin and hinge.

What does disheveled mean?

: marked by disorder or disarray. Examples: The young man’s wrinkled suit gave him a disheveled appearance. ”

How do you instill confidence in someone?

5 Ways You Can Help Build a Friend’s ConfidenceGive a Compliment. Complimenting somebody is such a simple thing, yet people are strangely afraid of it. … Take the Time to Listen. Everybody is struggling with something. … Support their Leadership. … Encourage Friends to do Great Things. … Accept Them For Who They Are.Feb 16, 2016

How do you instill confidence in employees?

5 Handy Tips to Boost Employee ConfidenceBuild momentum upon existing accomplishments. Think about the things your timid employees already do well. … Provide more details and tools when presenting new tasks. Be mindful of how you present new tasks to employees who lack self-confidence. … Assign a mentor. … Make feedback timely. … Show appreciation for a job well done.

How do you use the word instill?

Instill in a Sentence 🔉The detective tried to instill fear in the suspect by telling him about the dangers of prison. … As a teacher, I am always eager to find ways to instill a love of learning in my students. … The leader hopes to instill voters with a passion for reorganizing the government.More items…

What does instill fear mean?

If you instil an idea or feeling in someone, especially over a period of time, you make them think it or feel it. They hope that their work will instil a sense of responsibility in children. [ V n + in/into] The motive of the executions would be to instil fear. [ VERB noun]

What does ingrain mean?

transitive verb. : to work indelibly into the natural texture or mental or moral constitution. ingrain. adjective.

What is another word for Inspire?

What is another word for inspire?encouragecausemotivatestimulateinfluencemoverouseanimatepersuadespur229 more rows

What does engender mean?

transitive verb. 1 : beget, procreate. 2 : to cause to exist or to develop : produce policies that have engendered controversy. intransitive verb.

What is the opposite of instill?

instil. Antonyms: drain, strain, extract, eradicate, eliminate, remove, extirpate. Synonyms: pour, infuse, introduce, import, implant, insinuate, inculcate.

What is instill confidence?

to put a feeling, idea, or principle gradually into someone’s mind, so that it has a strong influence on the way that person thinks or behaves: It is part of a teacher’s job to instil confidence in/into his or her students.

How do you instill confidence?

10 Ways To Build ConfidenceGet Things Done. Confidence is built on accomplishment. … Monitor Your Progress. The best way to reach your goals, big or small, is break them into smaller goals and to monitor your progress. … Do The Right Thing. … Exercise. … Be Fearless. … Stand-up For Yourself. … Follow Through. … Think Long-term.More items…•Jul 21, 2017