Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Elementary Family?

What is an elementary student?

elementary student in British English (ˌɛlɪˈmɛntərɪ ˈstjuːdənt) US.

a student who attends an elementary school..

Is elementaries a word?

elementary (adjective) elementary particle (noun)

Is elementary school same as primary school?

The first years of compulsory schooling are called elementary or primary school (just to confuse the issue, elementary schools are also called grade or grammar schools). … Secondary school generally takes place in a high school, which is often divided into junior and senior high.

What is the antonym of Elementary?

What is the opposite of elementary?complicateddifficultcomplexhardchallengingfancyprofounddaedaltroublesomearduous21 more rows

What is meaning of Elementary?

1. Elementary, primary, rudimentary refer to what is basic and fundamental. Elementary refers to the introductory, simple, easy facts or parts of a subject that must necessarily be learned first in order to understand succeeding ones: elementary arithmetic.

What is family and its importance?

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. … They are a child’s first teachers and act as role models in how to act and how to experience the world around them.

How do you use elementary in a sentence?

Most children go to public elementary and secondary schools.His classmates were labouring with elementary algebra.You’ve made a very elementary mistake.I have one daughter in elementary school.I have an elementary knowledge of physics. … She was very shy while she was in elementary school.More items…•Jul 16, 2016

How do you spell Elementary?

Correct spelling for the English word “elementary” is [ˌɛlɪmˈɛntəɹi], [ˌɛlɪmˈɛntəɹi], [ˌɛ_l_ɪ_m_ˈɛ_n_t_ə_ɹ_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the best definition of family?

1 : a social group made up of parents and their children. 2 : a group of people who come from the same ancestor You resemble your mother’s side of the family. 3 : a group of people living together : household. 4 : a group of things sharing certain characteristics a family of languages.

Why is it called elementary school?

Elementary is a term meaning “basic” information. These are the school years when children(6–12 year olds) are taught the basics of the “3R’s” in class.

Why is elementary education important?

A Master of Education with a focus on elementary education can prepare teachers to become leaders both in the classroom and with their peers, helping them find strategies that will lead to better outcomes for students.

What is another name for basic?

What is another word for basic?essentialfundamentalvitalelementarycrucialelementalimportantindispensableprincipalcardinal219 more rows

What is another word for elementary?

What is another word for elementary?basicfundamentalprimaryunderlyingelementalpreparatoryrudimentalabecedarianbeginningearly42 more rows

What is family explain?

For example, the U.S. Census Bureau defines a family in the following manner: “A family is a group of two people or more (one of whom is the householder) related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together.” This definition is useful for obtaining a current snapshot of various family configurations (such as …

What is the noun of Elementary?

elementariness \ ˌe-​lə-​ˈmen-​tə-​rē-​nəs , -​ˈmen-​trē-​ \ noun.

What is the meaning of elementary teacher?

US. a teacher in an elementary school.

How do you use secondary in a sentence?

1 Writing was always secondary to spending time with my family. 2 More than five-thousand secondary school students have been expelled for cheating. 3 Most children go to public elementary and secondary schools.

What is a good definition of family?

Family is defined as a specific group of people that may be made up of partners, children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. An example of a family is a set of parents living with their children. … The definition of family is the group of people who share common ancestors.

What is the opposite of Elementary?

elementary. Antonyms: immaterial, incorporeal, inpalpable, compound, collective, aggregate, developed, organized. Synonyms: physical, material, natural, primary, rudimental, simple, inchoate, compo, constituent, ultimate.