What Does Bulldozing Mean?

What does meretricious persiflage mean?

Here’s a word that immediately communicates two things (to those who understand it): the discourse referred to is light, and the person speaking or writing is erudite.

Thus, it is a high-toned means of blowing discourse away like dust.

“Meretricious persiflage,” wrote D.H.

Lawrence in Women in Love..

What is a sniper personality?

They use rude comments, biting sarcasm, or a well-timed roll of the eyes. Making you look foolish is the Sniper’s specialty. Snipers take shots at you to make you look bad or to try to undermine you. In Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr.

How do you deal with tank personality?

Action Plan for Dealing with a Tank PersonHold your ground. Stay put and hold your position. … Interrupt the attack. The best way to interrupt anyone, whether yelling or not, is to evenly say their name over and over again, until you have their full attention. … Aim for the bottom line and fire! … Peace with honor.

What is a bulldozer used for?

Bulldozer. Bulldozers are used for shallow digging and ditching; short-range transportation of material; spreading soil dumped from trucks; rough grading; removing trees, stumps, and boulders; and cleaning and leveling around loading equipment.

How do you use the word impute?

Impute sentence exampleHere again the desire makes itself felt to impute more to God’s nature. … I can’t believe you dared to impute my work to yourself to cover up for your laziness! … David attempted to impute the damage of the broken window onto his innocent brother.More items…

What does imputed mean in the Bible?

Imputed righteousness is a concept in Christian theology proposing that the “righteousness of Christ … is imputed to [believers] — that is, treated as if it were theirs through faith.” It is on the basis of Jesus’ righteousness that God accepts humans. This acceptance is also referred to as justification.

What does bulldozing someone mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to coerce or restrain by threats : bully. 2 : to move, clear, gouge out, or level off by pushing with or as if with a bulldozer. 3 : to force insensitively or ruthlessly.

What does meretricious mean?

1 : of or relating to a prostitute : having the nature of prostitution meretricious relationships. 2a : tawdrily and falsely attractive the paradise they found was a piece of meretricious trash— Carolyn See.

What’s chaste mean?

chaste, pure, modest, decentchaste, pure, modest, decent mean free from all taint of what is lewd or salacious. chaste primarily implies a refraining from acts or even thoughts or desires that are not virginal or not sanctioned by marriage vows.

What is the meaning of imputation?

1 : the act of imputing: such as. a : accusation denied any imputation of unfairness. b : attribution, ascription.

What is the meaning of bulldozing soil?

1. To move, dig out, or demolish with a bulldozer: bulldozed the ground at the construction site; bulldozed a road through the woods; bulldozed the old building. 2.

Why is it called a bulldozer?

The history of the word “bulldozer” goes back to the 19th century when a bulldozer denoted a horizontal forging press used for shaping and bending metal. Another term, a bull-dose, was a large dose — literally effective for a bull — of any sort of medicine or punishment. Bull-dosing also meant coercion or intimidation.

What does parsimony mean?

1a : the quality of being careful with money or resources : thrift the necessity of wartime parsimony. b : the quality or state of being stingy The charity was surprised by the parsimony of some larger corporations.

What does ineffable mean in English?

1a : incapable of being expressed in words : indescribable ineffable joy.

What does meretricious ornamentation mean?

Attracting attention in a vulgar manner: meretricious ornamentation. b. Plausible but false or insincere; specious: made a meretricious argument. 2. Of or relating to prostitutes or prostitution: meretricious relationships.

How did Della save the money?

Answer. Explanation: Della saved her one dollar and eighty seven cents by bulldozing the grocer, the vegetable man and the butcher.

How it feels to have one’s cheeks burned with silent parsimony?

Della’s cheeks burned with the “silent imputation of parsimony” each time she frugally bargained for a deal. Essentially, Della felt embarrassed because it appeared like she was being stingy and frugal with her money, which is why her cheeks began to turn red (burned).

What does bulldozing the grocer mean?

Such was the extent of poverty that even the cents were in pennies. Henry mentions the pennies were saved cautiously by (Della) almost pressurizing the grocer, the vegetable man or the butcher. She literally overpowered them (metaphorically bulldozed) and saved pennies for small purchases.

How do you use imputation in a sentence?

Imputation in a Sentence 🔉Without having any proof, the boy’s imputation of his girlfriend’s theft angered her because she didn’t steal anything. … It turned out that the child’s imputation that his brother had hidden his toys was incorrect when the toy was found in the child’s bedroom.More items…

What is a bulldozer personality?

‘Bulldozers are people whose aggressive behaviour often intimidates you, the person you wish you could stand up to but feel you haven’t got the confidence or the know-how to deal with. People who behave in this punchy, aggressive way are out to get their own way regardless of what other people think, do or say.