What Does Clobber Mean In Slang?

Why are clothes called clobber?

clobber (v.) British slang an identical word principally had to do with clothing, as in clobber (n.) “clothes,” (v.) “to dress smartly;” clobber up “to patch old clothes for reuse, conceal defects” (1851)..

What does crash mean in slang?

The nearest meaning is crash after a drug high [link] Hangover or other ill physical and psychological after effects as a result of a drug leaving your system and your body craving more. Specifically , this term refers to amphetamines, though it’s often used to refer to other drugs as well.

What does quickie mean in slang?

A quickie is a brief act of sexual intercourse. People will not usually have much foreplay with a quickie. The phrase is often used between regular partners to say that they wish to have sex, but don’t have much time for it. … According to some, a quickie between a heterosexual couple generally satisfies only the man.

What does a clobber do?

clobber verb [T] (HIT) to hit someone or something hard and repeatedly: If you do that again, I’ll clobber you (one). to punish someone: The government is proposing new measures to clobber tax dodgers.

What is a slang word for clothes?

The definitions of these slang words appear below the list. bibs – bum bag – duds – fit – floordrobe – gear – getup – grubbies – hoody – mac – number – penguin suit – PJ – threads – tux.

What does rogue mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : vagrant, tramp. 2 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel. 3 : a mischievous person : scamp.

What does clobbered mean in the outsiders?

Definition: 1:to hit somebody or something with great force. 2:to defeat somebody decisively. 3:to deal with somebody or something in a harsh or critical way.

What does clobber mean in Australia?

Clobber is a very colloquial word. As a verb, it means ‘to hit or beat severely’ and, figuratively, in games or competitions, it means ‘to defeat completely. ‘ Also very colloquially, to clobber means ‘to criticize harshly. ‘ As a noun, in UK and Australian English, clobber means ‘clothes or other personal articles.

What does Clabber mean?

chiefly dialectal. : sour milk that has thickened or curdled.

Which is the closest synonym for the word clobber?

other words for clobberdrub.smother.thrash.wallop.lick.smash.smear.trim.

What does clobber mean?

English Language Learners Definition of clobber (Entry 2 of 2) informal. : to hit (someone) very hard. : to defeat (a person or team) very easily in a competition. : to have a very bad effect on (someone or something)

How do you spell clobbered?

Correct spelling for the English word “clobbered” is [klˈɒbəd], [klˈɒbəd], [k_l_ˈɒ_b_ə_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for CLOBBEREDclaver,clover,clobber,Blubbered,clabber,clever,Clambered.Oct 3, 2020

What is the difference between crash and crush?

To crash is to come suddenly into contact with another object with great force. To crush is to apply force in a manner that causes something to become deformed. To clash is when two (or more) things come together, with force.

What is the synonym of clobber?

SYNONYMS FOR clobber 2 whip, thrash, lick.

What type of word is crashed?

verb (used without object) to break or fall to pieces with noise. (of moving vehicles, objects, etc.) to collide, especially violently and noisily. to move or go with a crash; strike with a crash. Aeronautics. to land in an abnormal manner, usually causing severe damage: The airliner crashed.

Where did the term cobber come from?

cobber – ‘friend’ (often as a mode of address) This well-known Australian English word probably has its origins in Yiddish chaber, ‘comrade’. … This term derived from the British slang term moskeener, ‘to pawn an article for more than its real worth’, which in turn derived from Yiddish.

What does clobber mean in England?

personal belongingsclobber in British English (ˈklɒbə ) British slang. personal belongings, such as clothes and accessories.