What Means Clunky?

Is first and foremost a cliche?

3 Answers.

‘First and foremost’ and ‘Last but not least’ are phrases that are used in addressing a formal speech or a formal text.

They are not wrong.

The software that you are using probably check clichés of words with similar meanings, because ‘first’ and ‘foremost’ are synonyms, same in other case..

What does feeling clucky mean?

Someone, especially a woman, who is clucky wants to have a baby soon: I started getting clucky when my friend had a baby. Synonym. broody (OF PERSON)

What does clunky mean in English?

large and awkward in form: large and awkward in form or appearance. : old and not working well. : badly or awkwardly made or done.

What is another word for clunky?

What is another word for clunky?cumbersomeunwieldyawkwardunhandyclumsyungainlycumbrousbunglesomeponderouscranky99 more rows

How do you spell clunky?

adjective, clunk·i·er, clunk·i·est. Informal. awkwardly heavy or clumsy: clunky metal jewelry; clunky shoes.

Is Clunkiness a word?

The state or property of being clunky.

How do you use bad in a sentence?

[M] [T] She called him every bad name she knew. [M] [T] When the food is bad, it’s a real letdown. [M] [T] I wasn’t aware that you were feeling so bad. [M] [T] He’s always saying bad things about his wife.

How do you fix wordiness in writing?

5 Ways to Make Your Writing Less Wordy (or, how to write…Avoid meaningless modifiers. added bonus — a bonus is something that is more than what was expected. … Reduce phrases. … Prefer active voice over passive voice. … Remove words like very and extremely and find a better word. … Watch out for phrases like: that is, there is/are, because of the fact that, to be, in order to, it is.

What does clunky writing mean?

When an audience reads a piece of writing, particularly a piece of fiction, they want to be able to read somewhat subconsciously. If a piece of writing is “clunky”, they are suddenly aware that they are reading someone else’s writing and the story immersion vanishes.

What does cumbersome mean?

heavy, weighty, ponderous, cumbrous, cumbersome mean having great weight. heavy implies that something has greater density or thickness than the average of its kind or class.

What’s another word for unmanageable?

Unmanageable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unmanageable?uncontrollableunrulyrefractoryundisciplineddisorderlyfractiousrecalcitrantrowdywaywardimpossible231 more rows

Which means almost the same as smooth?

Some common synonyms of smooth are bland, diplomatic, politic, suave, and urbane. While all these words mean “pleasantly tactful and well-mannered,” smooth suggests often a deliberately assumed suavity. a smooth salesman.