Where Did The Term Smart Cookie Come From?

a clever person who makes good decisions: He is a smart cookie, adjusting his songs to fit his audiences.

You are one smart cookie..

1. noun A tool used to cut dough into shapes for cookies. It can’t just be some cookie-cutter design, or it will get lost in the shuffle. …

Which would be the closest antonym for the word tough?

antonyms of tougheasy.flexible.loose.pliable.pliant.slack.soft.weak.More items…

The Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms says that a smart cookie is “someone who is clever and good at dealing with difficult situations.” It’s a phrase that was first used in 1948, though I couldn’t find information on how it was used.

Cookie. According to the Online Slang Dictionary, ‘cookie’ it is an euphemism for the female sexual organs.

Cookie is the nickname of: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900–2002), given by the Duchess of Windsor. Cookie Belcher (born 1978), American basketball player.

What does it mean when a girl says eat my cookie?

The Brief: “Eat that cookie” is a slang term that means to perform oral sex on a woman.

What is the meaning of tough?

: very difficult to do or deal with. : physically and emotionally strong : able to do hard work, to deal with harsh conditions, etc. : physically strong and violent.

Metaphor. “I was a smart cookie then.” (Cisneros, Page 91.) Esperanza’s mother is comparing herself to a smart cookie, meaning she was very smart when she was younger. … This metaphor compares Esperanza’s mother’s singing to a very nice fabric.

The word itself is derived from the Dutch ‘koekje’, or ‘little cake’, and probably entered American English with Dutch settlers. Still no connection to being tough, unless those original Dutch settlers over-baked their koekjes. In the 1920s, ‘cookie’ became a slang term for a young woman.

noun, plural cook·ies dear; sweetheart (a term of address, usually connoting affection). Slang. a person, usually of a specified character or type: a smart cookie; a tough cookie. an alluring young woman.

adjective. having the same configuration or look as many others of a given kind; identical: rows of cookie-cutter houses. lacking individuality; stereotyped or formulaic: a novel filled with cookie-cutter characters.

A strong, determined person who is not easily intimidated, discouraged, or defeated. Our principal was a little lady, but she was one tough cookie! She had a difficult childhood, but she’s a tough cookie. I know she’ll be a success.

The theme of this vignette is pride and downfall. This refers to Esperanza’s mother dropping out of school because she thought she could make it on her own. Her pride was her downfall because by not finishing school, she married too early, and is now stuck on Mango Street, a poor neighborhood.

: a person who is physically and emotionally strong Don’t worry about her—she’s a tough cookie.

What does the idiom Speak of the Devil mean?

informal. —used in speech to say that someone one has been talking about has unexpectedly appeared “Well, speak of the devil!

What is the opposite of cookie-cutter?differentextraordinaryunconforminguncustomaryunheard-ofunknownunrepresentativeway outabnormaleccentric31 more rows

What does pony up mean?

transitive verb. : to pay (money) especially in settlement of an account. intransitive verb.

This is a congruent conflation of “tough cookie” and “a hard (or tough) nut to crack”, both describing difficult people to deal with. I suppose you can crack cookies, particularly if they are very stale.

What does tough nut mean?

If you think someone is difficult to deal with, you can say they are a tough nut or a hard nut. [informal] The Daily Express describes Dr Carey as a pretty tough nut.

Essentially, it means not being able to resist forbidden temptations. You are told not to take any more cookies from the jar, but you can’t resist. … “Cookie jar” is also sometimes used to refer to sexual relations, especially with underage individuals.